How Does it Work?

More than anything, we at Asheville Farm Delivery believe in making eating local food easier, more accessible, and affordable. In order to deliver on that belief, we do things just a little bit differently. To start, we offer free next day delivery to anyone in Buncombe County as long as we receive your order before 5pm. If we can, we will try to deliver it direct to your door the day you order it. At this time, we ask our customers to meet a $20 minimum on orders in order to receive free shipping. If you do not live in Buncombe County or if your order is less than $20, we collect only a modest $7 delivery fee for most surrounding counties.  

We also want it to be easy to shop for local products and find the items you want. That's why you will notice that our website has a straightforward shopping experience that showcases all of the inventory that we currently carry for local produce in an easy to navigate format. We define local as anything within a 150 mile radius. 

You will also find while shopping, that we list items in different ways, like the way you would typically use them when cooking or in a recipe. For example, onions are sold by the item, lettuce by the bunch, and meat by the pound. Simple. The metric by which each unit is sold is listed on each individual item.


We know that one of the most frustrating experiences as a consumer is cutting into the fresh produce you just brought home only to find that it is rotten. We hate that. That is why we will offer you a 100% refund on your produce within 24 hours of delivery.  

Most of all, we want to create a service that fits the needs of our local foods community. Are you a farmer, producer, or customer? We would love to hear your feedback! Please give us a call day or night at 828-808-7496. 

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