Our Values

"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it, whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
-Chief Seattle

Here at Asheville Farm Delivery we know that we are all one community. From our farmers to our neighbors plates, it is all one connected system that brings local, sustainable food to Western North Carolina. We set a high bar for all of our products before we will deliver them to our customers doors, standards that we would expect from our own food. Our standards are laid out as follows. 


We define local as anything within 150 miles of Asheville. We prioritize food directly from Asheville and Buncombe County when we can. We believe 150 miles is an appropriate radius as it allows us to source a wide array of products while still supporting our local economy. The only exception is with our seafood, which is purchased from a local company that drives to fish off the coast of North Carolina several times a week using highly sustainable fishing practices. 

Small Scale

We believe that often when farms grow too large it demands sacrifices. Sacrifices in the farming practices, oversight, and harvesting. We ensure that all of our farms are small scale farms that can live up to the highest standard of farming practices. 


One of our favorite things about eating locally farmed food is how much fresher it is than what can be bought in the grocery store. There's nothing that can compare to biting into a fresh summer tomato straight from the farm, and we want to bring this experience direct to your door. We deliver only the freshest products often picked within 24 hours of arriving to you.



We know that climate change is the most pressing challenge that this generation will face, and we believe that building a sustainable food system is a critical link in the chain to solving climate change. We make sure that all of our farms practice sustainable farming techniques and share our vision for a reformed food system.


Organic First 

While we cannot say that 100% of our products are certified organic, we prioritize sourcing organic products or products that use organic practices, such as omitting the use of harmful pesticides. We list whether a product is organic or "spray free" in the product description. All of our meat, dairy, and eggs are free from any hormones. 


So who do we buy from?

We buy from a large array of local farms in the area depending on what is in season and which farms can provide the products that fit within our food standards. This list often changes from week to week as things come in and out of season. We list which farm each item comes from in the item description. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about individual farms.

We value absolute transparency in our supply chain and in our food, if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to us directly by emailing Devin@ashevillefarmdelivery.com.

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